Tatum Lee (she/her) is an artist based in Salt Lake City, UT. Her work focuses on our relationship to place, how it affects our identities as well as the relationships with those around us. Tate is also interested in the way we choose to remember place, how we selectively store memories, and how we choose to reflect and interact with those memories of place.

Tate received her BFA in Studio Art at BYU in 2015. She studied oil painting, but chooses to work with watercolors since they're easier to travel with and because there's nothing like the fluidity of water flowing across watercolor paper.

Tate started taking silversmithing classes after graduation as a way to keep learning and to continue being challenged in a class setting. She has loved creating wearable art and has found so much joy having now two mediums to create with.

When she's not in her studio, you can find Tate practicing or teaching yoga, or climbing with her husband in Joe's Valley.